Wednesday, June 26, 2013

From yesterday! June 24~ Steam Train!

Gil generously drove us up and over the hills to the Embsy/Bolton Abbey Steam train station, where Max was given a lump of REAL COAL by the engineer!
Max on Finn's Scooter in Todmorden...

 Road above Hebden Bridge...
 Robin Hood Inn

 Hay wagon on the road...
 Max's coal lump!
 The engineer!
 Gil & the train!
 A happy boy!
 Duane and Max by the window...
 What a view!
 In the "Harry Potter" cabins...

 WAY too excited!
 Waiting for the engine to switch ends...
 Here it comes!

Monday, June 24, 2013


Didn't do too much today, though Max DID earn himself the Biro Canal Barge set he saw at the Treetop Toyhouse toy store in Hebden Bridge, so Gil kindly took us there and we ate at the Old Gate (YUM!!!!!!) and shopped for presents for people (maybe YOU are on the list! Hee!) and wandered a bit, then came home to watch movies, eat cheese sandwiches, and get the kid to bed by 8:30!
Tomorrow we're hoping to go find one of the old steam trains and THEN we get to go on a canal boat dinner cruise!!!!
 Around the back of Gil and Jonny's house
 This is what happens when Medusa looks at a sheep...
Just kidding!
 Max has a playdough slug behind his ear... can you see it?
 And Alison &Weston have a doorway swing too!  Like Nick and Liz Lethert!
 Max LOVES it!
 Playing with legos in Joseph's room~
 Getting the Sr Planteater Hedgehog~
 Eating at the Polished Knob in Todmorden~

 Beaner loved Jonny's big Easter Island stone heads and wanted him to make her a small version...
 Max tried out his Salamander firefighter costume!

Kissing Beaner with a lizard tongue!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

More on Sunday!

Just thought I'd try to get all these in~ from the parade yesterday with beaner!
Kerith's Fire Goddess

 Jonny under a Stone Head
 and Gil carrying one too!
 Look!  See!  I DID do something!  And Max is moving boxes and Beaner is keeping track!

 The Treehouse Toystore Tree house!
 Max inside...
 Me and Max, he's cooking up hotdogs for me!
 Duane's troll head that I am painting!
 Max fell asleep while watching Mighty Machines...  thank GOD!
 Duane painting Trollheads!
 The kids stilting troup heading to the park!

 Max, Beaner and Joseph on the awesome swing at the park!
 Joseph ran down to the corner and came back with a lolly that turned his tongue blue...
 Max as a Salamander Fireman in the Parade!
 See?  He's firing water at you!
 That's Beaner in the sunglasses!
 Max on Finn's scooter.... we're probably gonna have toget him one....

 As we cross the canal, you get a good view of the grounds!
 Max is hungry after the parade, so daddy takes him for ice cream....

 Eating dinner ar Marcos!
 Making scary faces....
 Max painted my face...
Pirates in the canal!