Sunday, June 16, 2013

Monday June 17th! Father's DAY pics!

Good morning!
We all went to bed really early last night... I am afraid Jonny has caught a cold, perhaps from Maxie...  and Max woke at 5am yesterday, and did great with me all morning, and Allison picked us up at 11 to go into the workshop and Max fell asleep in the car and slept for 2 hours!  We parked the car out back so I could keep an eye on him and I paper mached one of Duane's trolls and a large Easter Island head with Rika from Germany!
The workshops are crazy busy!  TONS of people, mostly parents of small children who then get a bit flustered because it IS really hard to make something and keep track of a little one~  now that I think of it, Max never did finish his Platypus mask we started at the Mayday workshops...  oops!

And I forgot it was even Father's Day until Flora mentioned it at the playground~  sorry dad!
Max's lovely cornet~

A new skill!  Finn's scooter!

Andnow Max has a new best friend, Joseph!

Duane helps Flora and Chakra figure out how to make a two-headed troll...

Jonny heads into the workshop space, past one of Duane's troll heads!

Max helps with the troll head holes...

And there's the idea...

We found a place to throw rocks into water!

Max waves to the stilting kids as we head out!

At Alison and westons' house for dinner!

Yup!  I AM here!

Can you see Alison behind the greenery in her kitchen?

Some of Weston's gorgous paintings...

And another over the front room's fireplace~

Max is delighted with the Joseph's legos AND their generous company!

Us again, in the beautiful bathroom!

Duane in the sunroom~

Looking in at Alison in the kitchen

Max tries to pet the goldfish...

Flora and Gingersnap!  

The dessert!  I was too hungry and happy to take a meal pic!


Sharing dessert!

Max scatters red petals...

puttingaway Joseph's star wars chess set~

Back at Jonny and Gils!  Jelly Baby for YOU!

Father's Day pic!


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  1. Looks so beautiful!! In so many ways...Thank you for brightening my evening! I just got back from an old time farm tractor auction- seems like the opposite of what you are up to.