Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday June 13!

Ha!  We are HERE!

All did very well on the flights, with Max falling asleep soon after we left Mpls and napping for an hour and a half, and then NOT sleeping again while Duane and I were dropping from exhaustion!  Max was excited in Amsterdam, though he thought it was "HamsterDam" and even brought a small toy hamster along because he thought there were going to be a lot of the little furry critters about...  our transfer was a bit sticky because we didn't quite catch on to where to go to get our boarding passes, but all worked just fine and Max made a friend on the flight to Manchester, about who he was really excited, and then as we were getting ready to get off the plane he FINALLY fell asleep in my arms which made the final getting of luggage and checking through customs a piece of cake, as well as the fact that it was early morning midweek and there weren't a lot of other people...

After sleeping off our jetlag yesterday afternoon, we went over to the building space for the Handmade Parade and Duane started right in on a warped looking cardboard stone "head" for Jonny's section~  Max is excited to be a Firefighting Salamander and we started making his head, and Max made another friend, Finn who is happy to show him around and catch him up on everything!

We were up MUCH too late last night with Jonny and Gillian, and extremely delighted to be staying with them here!   Max and Duane just went up the hill behind the house to see what they can see while I try to catch up and do a painting (or two) for the other blog!

I think I did put a "subscribe" button on now, so see if that works!  And here are some pics-
On the first flight!

Up the hill behind Max is Jonny and Gil's flat!  Max is picking flowers for me...!

heading down into TodMorden~

on Max's first TRAIN!  to Hebden Bridge! (6 minutes...)

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