Friday, June 14, 2013

okay-  I'm trying here folks.... wow.  There are a LOT- and I mean A LOT of HILLS in this AREA.  

And I have to admit that's what I love about it, but CRAP.

I mean, YOU try pushing this kid uphill for half an hour...

 And this view is from the train... I thought I should try to give you some perspective.
 Here is Max and his friend Walker, looking out the train window...
The ca
The canal in Hebden Bridge~  ain't it cool?

 Max and Monty at the park down from the theater studio...
 And HERE is the studio!  That's Gil walking away in the purple pants-  I'll be posting more of these later-  Lisa is making an inflatable WHALE!!! Don't you dare think I ain't learning here!
 Max's Salamander Fireman Costume.... to be cont.
 Duane's Stone Troll~  he's pretty happy with that flexible hand, and it IS quite the hit, I must say!
 Duane helps Max and Otto make longer handlebars on the rotting skoot~
 Marc's Italian, I think-  great food, Duane and Max had pasta and I had a Mediteranean Salad, and Marcos made Max a "little" pizza, because we couldn't come through from the midwest without trying his pizza!
Both guys appreciated it muchly!
And thank god Duane helped me walk Max back to the train station...
He's heavy,
And I need to take a photo of the hill I have to push his deadweight up,  Think Grand Old Days on stilts, uphilll from Dale...

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